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Season After Season - Bo Jackson

  • Season After Season- Bo Jackson
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One of Rick Rush's most popular pieces...

With much chagrin, the world looked on as Auburn's Bo Jackson announced that he would play professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals, and in the off season he would play professional football for the Los Angeles Raiders. Everyone knows it's difficult enough to manage the challenges and responsibilities of one lifestyle, much less two. The throng of those saying it was impossible to play two pro sports was not small and yet Jackson has quietly strided through season after season excelling in what so many said would be difficult, if not impossible.

The epitome and excellence with which Bo has played professional sports is underscored in the fact that in his first baseball all-star game he hit a home run his first time at bat, made dazzling defensive catches, and was named the game MVP. This season, in one game, in three times at bat, he hit three home runs.

Likewise, he has dazzled football fans and players with his off-season efforts on the gridiron. The dramatic dynamics of Bo's athleticism are seen in his breaking through tacklers and taking the ball 94 yards for a touchdown with his shimmering speed, or powering over tackler after tackler on his way to the endzone.

To capture the complicated interweaving of these two worlds of Bo Jackson, the image shows him as he drives a baseball into the outfield bleachers for a home run while the catcher and umpire watch its outbound flight. Also, being a full speed cutback en route to a touchdown as he pushes off one defender after running over number one draft choice Brian Bosworth and other Seattle Seahawks in his wake. The festive banners in the background interwoven with his multiple lifestyles is symbolic of the all-star form with which he has done what so many said no one could do -- play two professional sports at once.

 The possession and direction marker in the background normally only points in one direction, but Bo can go in either direction. And he can do that "Season after Season."



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