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SpaceCo LED Short Wave Task Light

  • Short Wave Light w/ Desk Base
  • Power Desk Base
  • Wave Light Bolt Through
  • Wave Light C-Clamp
  • Space Beam Mount 2
  • Space Beam Mount
  • Specs for Short Wave Light, Avail White, Blk, Platinum
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Our Short Wave Light is a great solution for use under overheads in your workstation. If you don't have enough room to fit a normal Wave Light in your space then this Short version will be what you need. The Short Wave Light has a 5 inch shorter reach overall than the regular Wave Light.

The Short Wave Light provides the desirable features of LED light without the drawbacks. While some LEDs may have a more desirable color temperature than fluorescent, conventional LED task lights often create an inadequate feild of illumination, glare , light pooling high contrast illumination ratios and/ or multiple shadows. Wave Light technology eliminates these drawbacks while providing a color temperature in the ideal range as well as a dimmer for adjusting illumination to the desired level.

Lighting Specifications Peak Light output { Illumintation over 1000 Lux is Considered too bright]

  • Wave Light peak output 860 Lux with light set 15" above desktop field of illumination:
  • Wave Light greater than 24" diameter 
  • Wave Light spectrum declines less than 54 Lux per inch.
  • Wave light patted refractive lens eliminates lighting pooling shadows
  • Wave ligt is 3800k
  • Light has 3 level dimmer
  • Has a 32 Im/W LED Life
  • Light has a projected life in excess of 50,000 hours at full power


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